Senior Housing Development Consulting

There are many steps in the process to develop new senior housing modes as those with experience know. 
Not everyone has need of assistance for all the steps, but we do offer the possibility of help in many crucial areas.

How do I. . .?:  For the million and one questions you might have, chances are we have an answer for you.  We are familiar with operations as well as markets.  We want you to succeed.

Why Should You Consult Us?

Development:  We may be able to refer you to a developer who can work through all the processes of getting the entitlements in place, the loans lined up, architects going and a qualified builder.

Process: We can suggest step-by-step what and how you need to proceed to get your senior housing built.

Business Plan: Your lender may require a business plan.  We have written business plans.

Architects:  We often review architectural layouts for essentiality, labor efficiency and best public acceptance.  We can recommend architects with experience in senior housing.

Pro forma:  Based on the market analysis and what you decide to build, both you and your lender may want/need to know the expected absorption rate, anticipated income (and expenses), and the NOI (Net Operating Income) along with the break-even point.  We have done Pro formas.

Management:  Your lender may require an experienced operator.  We know qualified management companies.

Non-Performing Assets or Low-Performing Assets:  If you have a senior housing project in this category, we offer a full analysis review with recommendations.  Call us for proposals.

Free No Obligation Proposals

We offer free no obligation proposals to our prospective clients. We provide the complete range of market research and consulting services in the senior living segment. From conducting feasibility analysis of your housing project to analyzing senior housing finance we can help you with all your project needs. If you are planning a senior housing development and need help call or email us!