Financing Senior Housing Development

Self-finance or where?  If you haven’t talked to your banker, we urge you to visit them to see how inclined they might be to grant you a loan.  As you know, banker responses and requirements vary from time to time and bank to bank.

Ask your banker these 4 important questions:

  1. What are their loan limits?
  2. Under what conditions would they make a loan?
  3. What documentation do they want to see?
  4. What are their equity requirements?


Need to add equity?  There are different ways to approach this.
Here are some:
  • If you own the land, sometimes with a good market study a new appraisal may raise the land value.

  • You might build in two or more phases, financing one at a time

  • You could take in partner(s) who contribute cash.

  • We might connect you with a private investor

  • We might connect you with an EB-5 investment money source

Construction Loans

Need a bridge loan until the EB-5 money comes in?  We might be able to connect you. Need a primary lending source for the construction loan?  We might be able to connect you.

To understand the sources of finance available to you contact Haddock & Associates, Inc. Get experienced senior housing consultants to help find finance for your senior housing development.