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About Us

Haddock & Associates, Inc. is a consultant group specializing in assisted living and senior housing development. Our services include market research, development consulting, finance, design and others.

We are well-known for our years of services in senior housing, particularly for our work in assisted living and memory care development. We have actively promoted alternative housing for the elderly since the mid-1980s.  We helped develop the housing models that became known as “assisted living” including consulting on legislative rules and regulations to promote the safety and welfare of the aged, including ethical standards of care.

Market Specialists

Our experience with evaluating senior housing markets across the country professionally began in 1993 and over the years has spanned more than 145 cities (larger markets multiple times), 38 states and 5 foreign countries.  We analyze market numbers, trends, needs, financial abilities and competitive services to determine the strength of demand for various types of senior housing. We measure the probability for success for a particular project in a particular location.

Our Clients

Our clients have included HUD, banks, developers, land owners, real estate companies, mortgage companies, investors, Indian tribes, hospitals, municipalities, universities, and medical schools. Our studies have encompassed Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Nursing Homes and CCRC’s.

Our Services

Market Study

We’ve analyzed markets in 38 states and more than 145 cities.  No market is the same. You need to know what your market will support, so does your lender. Our rates are competitive.  We promise 24-hour proposals.


If you own the land, you may have a major part of the equity requirements. We may be able to connect you to equity sources, bridge loans or construction loans. We can introduce you to our EB-5 program.


Need a Developer? Looking for help getting entitlement requirements? Lenders may want a Business Plan.  We can write one. We calculate your NOI and also do pro formas.

Business Opportunities

We may be able to connect you to the right people and opportunities. We have confidential information on senior properties for sale, buyers looking for senior properties and new project investment opportunities.

Development of Project

From market study and proposed plans, we form an opinion of how many units (rooms) the market could support, room sizes, mix, common area and thereby size of the building along with services and amenities that should be offered.  We suggest opening rates and project a cash flow pro forma to indicate the expected fill-up (absorption) rate, operational expenses, and net operating income.

We consult with architects to ensure the design promotes best flow of staffing, handicapped access, and market appeal.

Industry Collaboration

Because of our extensive experience in the industry, we know those who are successful in various aspects of the development of senior housing and we can introduce these asset resources to our clients. Call us to commission a market analysis report and get access our extensive knowledge and experience in senior housing development.

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